It’s been a while

This title has made me think of the song by Staind.  Now it’s in your head, too.

Life is still good, but I haven’t had any revelations to share lately.  I like to make lists, so I think I’ll do that today.  (Speaking of lists, I made one on my last birthday of things to do this year and have done none of them.  My birthday is in a little over a week.  I’m not even sure where the list is.)

Recent observations:

  • If a person is driving with his or her windows down and it’s 90 degrees or hotter, they’re most likely going under the speed limit.  If they’re patient enough to drive around with no air conditioning, they’re patient enough to take their time getting to their destination.  Extra points for slowness if they have a cigarette in the hand that’s dangling out of the window.  One would think they’d drive fast to get the air moving in the car, but somehow this does not occur to them.  They’ve possibly melted and/or lost the will to live.
  • If you wear workout clothes, people assume you’re in shape.  I worked out for the first time in forever recently (for about 30-40 minutes) and went to the store on the way home.  A couple pulled into a spot nearby and I sensed they were loitering around me, so I looked in their direction.  The man said he wanted my shopping cart but was keeping his distance because he didn’t want to frighten me and then have me “karate chop him or something”.  YEAHTHAT’SRIGHT.  You better stand back!  Never mind that I spent my time at the gym: coughing, sweating, wheezing, accidentally stopping the treadmill instead of pausing (I didn’t want to start over, so I just went on to something else) and trying to figure out the rowing machine game that is supposed to motivate you.  Yeah, I’m tough.  And cool.  Don’t forget cool.
  • Reading about cutting sugar and carbs really makes you want sugar and carbs.  I read a chapter of a book about gut health while eating Sugar Babies.  I’m conflicted.
  • Banana Republic has great clothes.  Their shoes are a different story.  I ordered a pair of off-white kitten-heel slingbacks and they looked very plastick-y and didn’t conform to my foot at all.  Flashback to granny-looking springtime shoes in the early 80’s.  (Plus, why was I ordering those anyway??  Good lord.)
  • Somewhat related:  Banana Republic’s clothes look better on the models on their website than on me.  Maybe something to do with “model is 5’10 and wearing a size S”.  Ah, yes.  There’s the slight difference.
  • I’ve noticed myself occasionally saying things like “I’m ok with technology. I have an iPhone and a Facebook account, but I don’t really use things like The Snapchat.  THE SNAPCHAT????”  Who is this old woman and where is the former me?!?!  I mean, I don’t say that normally, but it slipped out and made me feel ancient.
  • I can’t remember the other things that came to mind recently, so I’ll sign off here.  I need to start taking notes so my feeble brain doesn’t have to struggle as much.

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