Random Things I Have Learned

A while back, I was getting bored with the conversations my SO and I were having.  It was usually about work, same stories, different day, blah blah blah.  Instead of telling him I don’t want to hear about [whatever] again today/ever again, I proposed that we each learn a new thing every day and talk about that.

That lasted, like, a day.  Maybe two.  But it was good!  And although it’s hard to either fit in the time to research something new or if it’s just a brief bit of information, it might be hard to remember once conversation time comes around.  I’m so ADD that I could look up ten things and remember none of them specifically when asked to recite the info.

Also, I discovered that we are interested in different things and what he learned and was telling me about was a bit of a snooze.  But hey, it was new information!  Maybe next time will be a nugget of knowledge that I won’t want to live without.

Have I mentioned I love lists?  I love lists.  So I’m trying to make a list of the things that I learn that are interesting so when our conversation starts going stale, I can say “this is unrelated, but guess what I found out today”…….

Or I can just keep the knowledge for my own personal entertainment and not discuss it.  The point here is to learn something.  Be curious.  Take a moment to familiarize yourself with a new term, item, concept.  I am so happy to be able to Google things.  I was around before the internet and didn’t mind looking things up in an encyclopedia, but this makes it so much easier!  There’s really no excuse for not taking thirty seconds to read about something.

Here are a few things that I learned recently.

  • A homerun is also called a dinger.  And Big Al hits them.  You have to love this kid.  Sandlot, anyone?  I know this information was so yesterday, but I want his fifteen minutes to last a little longer.
  • The University of Maryland mascot is a terrapin named Testudo.  A terrapin is a turtle (I had learned this before and forgotten).  And they’re called the “Maryland Terps”.
  • Hummingbirds make a chirping noise.  I’m sure I’ve probably heard it before, but never bothered to connect the dots and realize that a hummingbird was making it (until this week when they were plentiful in the area).
  • Bas Jan Ader was a Dutch artist who seems to have died at sea in 1975. He was a conceptual artist, and if you can get through the video of his staged fall from a roof without fast-forwarding, you’re stronger than I.  I want to like his work, but it is not coming easily.
  • Trepanning is drilling a hole in the skull to relieve pressure or bleeding or to let demons out.  Fortunately, this was a medieval practice and used much less today, although modern physicians do still perform craniotomies, which is pretty much the same thing.  Hopefully more sterile.  And less about releasing malignant spirits into the atmosphere.

So there you go.  Take all of these random topics home and have a nice interesting discussion.  Your friend/partner/spouse/parent will likely believe you have lost your mind and gently recommend some medication.  OR these topics could lead down rabbit-trails of your own making (together) and you could while away the hours in enriching conversation.


I insist that you go forth and have an enjoyable weekend.  Happy Friday the 14th.



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