Like a baby’s…..

Thanks to genetics, I don’t look my age, and for that I am grateful.  Of course, the years are bound to start to show through eventually, and I believe that time has arrived.  I’m trying to enter into it gracefully.  I now work at a college, and being called “ma’am” by all the students is not helping with what I hoped would be a gradual ease into reality.  Apparently it’s more obvious than I like to think.  I believe my immaturity is due in part to my youthful appearance, and now I’m like, supposed to be mature and responsible and knowledgeable and stuff, dude.  Meh.

If you look in my bathroom cabinets, you would think I’m a Kardashian or someone with a similar attention to appearance.  That could not be less true.  I’m more apt to wipe my face off with a makeup remover towelette and brush my teeth with no toothpaste before I go to bed than to have any kind of evening beauty routine.  However, on the few nights a week (ok, sometimes two) that I do properly wash my face, I have been applying this afterward and I think it’s making a difference.  I perused the shelves at the drugstore and saw all the $25+ products that contain retinol and I thought “why not go right to the source”.  It is recommended that you add a moisturizer after the retinol dries because it can dry your skin.  But you were probably already moisturizing, like a responsible adult would.  I imagine if I actually used it daily, the results would be even better.  I had a passing thought that this pure retinol without all the extra ingredients might eat my skin off, but I have had no negative reactions.

skin melt

If I try the other 987 concoctions that are on and around my vanity and any of them are effective, I’ll be sure and share that information.  It’s recommendations like these in other peoples’ posts that rid me of my money and clutter up my house.  Must try all the things!!  But seriously, I wouldn’t bother mentioning it if I wasn’t impressed by it.

Live long and prosper.

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