A Likable Goofball

Well, this is good news.  For those of you who don’t feel like reading the article, the Harvard Business Review presents the idea that coworkers/employees can be chosen for likability over competence.  I don’t know how competent I am, but I can be likable, and now I know that counts for something!

My goal is to be likable AND competent – that’s a winning combination that isn’t touched on here.  It’s presenting the either/or scenario.  Maybe the key is for the Competents to be less bossy or arrogant or angry or whatever negative trait they present.  Or for the goobers like myself to be a tad more serious and focused and slide the competency level up a bit.  My personal issue is short attention span and many interests.  I am curious about so many things and there’s only so much time to peek into all of them.  I know about a lot of different things but am an expert at none.

Of course, this new revelation should not be misunderstood – of course not all competent people are difficult to work with or unliked or any such thing.  I just thought it was interesting that there’s a place in the dynamic for all of us.  🙂




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