I looked up synonyms for willpower, and one was grit.  Most definitions of grit pertain to sand, small particles, impurities in water, etc.  But hidden in the middle was “firmness of character; indomitable spirit; pluck”.  I have that sometimes, but not in specific areas.

I would like to have more focus, which is a topic for another post (or several).  Right now, I’m talking about a semi-related concern of willpower.  I had biometric screening done this morning, which consisted of taking my vitals, measuring my waist, and drawing a vial of blood.  I haven’t even gotten the results yet, and it has gotten my attention.  The measuring of the place where abs are supposed to be – THAT is what’s bothering me.  My BMI indicates that I’m about a millimeter away from overweight.  I was a skinny kid, and way-too-thin young adult.  My mom laughingly said “wait until you’re 25”, and I coasted through 25 wearing a size 5 and then hit about 28-29.  Baby bump.  Without the baby.  And it’s just gotten consistently bigger since then.  Actually, I’ve been the same weight for a few years, so I appreciate it not going too much farther lately.  My metabolism has slowed, I’ve become less active, I take medication that may contribute to wait gain.  I’ve basically gotten older and it shows.


Anyway.  I looked up articles on willpower.  This is one.  It suggests some interesting tips that I will try, but I’m not going into it with a lot of confidence.  My sister and I were talking last weekend about how if someone asks us if we’re up for a challenge, we’re quick to respond with “Nope, sure not.”  I don’t know about her reasonings, but I like to kind of go with the flow and be comfortable.  Dieting is neither of those.  It’s being the person who has to negotiate restaurants or dishes.  Saying no to a lot of things.  Counting calories and ounces of food (I don’t even know how to do that).  Possibly being HUNGRY, which is one of my least favorite sensations.  I know eating protein and fiber and all the good things keeps you full(er).  But I had a lettuce wrap sandwich for lunch and I have to tell you, I’m pretty darn hungry right now, a few hours later.

To me, losing weight involves the following:  shopping for healthy food, cooking at home quite a bit, reading labels, counting calories, knowing about good/bad fats, portion control, regular exercise, knowing the best exercise routines for your goal…….the list goes on.  Meanwhile, I’m working all day, volunteering, visiting with friends and family, and feeling guilty about leaving my dogs home alone for yet another thing (going to the gym).  Guess which one gets pushed to the back burner (hint: going to the gym).

I’m not obsessed about my figure.  I know there’s benefit to being happy in the body you’re in and not worrying about it.  I’m otherwise pretty healthy.  I just have this extra weight around my midsection, which is bad for the heart, and would feel more confident without it, but also know myself and know that trying to lose weight by being strict is maybe/probably not going to work for me.

Bottom line:  I have very little willpower.  Regarding diet, exercise, cutting back on sugar, making my bed every morning, saving instead of spending……there’s a pretty hefty list of things I don’t make myself do.  And I don’t know where it [willpower] comes from.  It was nice to see in the article referenced above that it can be practiced and built up.  Maybe I can go from zero to some if I give it a try.  And some is better than none, right?  🙂


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