Take Note

You know what I find to be fun?  Scrolling through memories I’ve stored in the Notes section on my iPhone.  When someone says something that I don’t want to forget (especially if it’s funny), I take a few seconds to type and save it.  My sister does the same thing, which we found out about each other randomly.  Now occasionally we’ll compare notes and laugh about things all over again.

This can also be done by hand with pen and paper, of course.  I also carry a little notebook in my purse for note-taking, I just have found that the phone option is more handy.

Here are a few random notes from my phone:

  • My mom:  “get the hell away from me”.  My sister thought she was talking to a wasp.  She was talking to me.  (In her defense, I was most likely bothering her on purpose.)
  • My aunt, while visiting NM, wanting us to look at the scenery:  “Are y’all craning your necks?”  (Apparently if we weren’t craning, we weren’t really trying.)
  • My aunt, referring to a lady from my childhood:  “She was a pretty dry stack of hay, I’ll tell ya.”
  • My mom, regarding my aunt:  “she can blame the tequila, now that she’s had some”.
  • An elderly businessman friend, regarding not visiting certain parts of Mexico during times of strife:  “All they want to do any more is kill people or hold them for ransom.  I don’t believe I need that aggravation.” (Hahaha!  Yes, being kidnapped or killed is definitely an inconvenience.)

You kind of have to know these people to get the full effect, and you also have to have a warped sense of humor like I do, but you get the idea.

I also use it to remember nice things, like an expression on someone’s face, a lady singing a hymn to herself, a tough-looking guy praising his tiny dog on a leash, a young man who worked at Goodwill pausing to thumb through a children’s book……..things that make you smile or that seem a bit unexpected.  I might never remember exactly how I felt at that moment unless I make a note of it.

There are a few random ideas listed that I probably will never do anything with but also don’t want to lose, just in case, such as something to write about, something that needs to be invented, or an idea for a piece of weird art.

It’s sometimes annoying to type or write the note, but it’s totally worth it later.  I hope you have a lovingly crazy family to reap hilarities from like I do.  Leave a comment if you do something similar and if it’s priceless, please share.  🙂





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