Not feelin’ it 100%

I’m not my usual jovial self today.  Outwardly, I seem fine.  Inside, I’m stressing out about money, lack of time, how I have way too much to do and don’t know where to start, the weather is crap and it’s going to be worse tomorrow, etc.

This made me think about how part of living a charmed life is the practice of not unloading your crummy mood on others.  Are you having a heart-felt conversation during a long lunch with a good friend?  Feel free to discuss your problems.  But don’t bring it up to everyone you meet in passing.  “How are you today?” does not mean they really want to know how you really feel today.  It’s simply a greeting.

Everyone has some sort of stress. Can you imagine if everyone unleashed and complained all the time?  The negativity would be overwhelming.  I’ve known people who have had such incredible health issues that if it were me, I’d be on disability and never get dressed.  Yet they get up, get ready, get out, are productive and somehow remain pleasant and upbeat!  Wouldn’t you rather associate with this person than with someone who whines about their lot in life?

I’m not suggesting you never have a genuine thought, feeling, or interaction.  Just that the whole aura around you will be so much better and you’ll be more apt to attract positivity if you put on a happy(-ish) face.  At least it won’t make your mood WORSE and you won’t bring down the people you associate with.

It takes self-control, but you can rein in your anger/frustration/apathy and not take it out on those around you.  They are probably not the reason you’re in a foul humor, so don’t make them pay for it, and if they are, the current moment may not be the best time to address it.

Think good thoughts, work as efficiently as you can, read or watch something funny, and know that you only have to hang in there for a while – change is always around the corner and here’s to hoping that it’s good.  🙂


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