A break from the norm

Let’s talk about something lighter today.  I have naturally wavy hair.  Not awesome-wavy, but more the frustrating, frizzy, not-quite-curly-but-weird-wavy, unpredictable variety.

I used to wash and dry and straighten my hair every day.  Then it was every other day. Now it’s every third day.  Partly because it was damaging my hair, partly because I dislike the task and it takes way too long, and partly because I’m less self-conscious nowadays.  Oily Hair, Don’t Care.

I’ve read recently about how it might be beneficial to wash your hair with conditioner only, and with shampoo only occasionally.  Shampoo tends to dry your hair out, which I don’t need with the added heat I subject my hair to.

wash hair

I hesitate to use conditioner only because while it may benefit the length of the strands, I don’t want the roots to remain/become too oily.  And I’m just lazy enough to not want to try this, have it fail, and then have to do my hair AGAIN the very next day.  And/or look like a victim of an oil spill the first day.

Any thoughts or personal experiences related to this topic are welcome.



One thought on “A break from the norm

  1. emmalillybeauty March 5, 2018 / 1:22 pm

    My hair is pretty curly and I struggle with frizz too. I might dry using shampoo less then if it dries out your hair. This post has been really helpful, thank you! It would be fab if you could check out my blog x

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