One tiptoe toward a good life is to say thank you.  Be grateful for what others give you and don’t feel entitled.  This is more difficult if you are a juvenile – people are kind of supposed to give you things because you often can’t obtain them yourself.  But even then – don’t act entitled!  Your parents/guardians are only required to provide food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education (K-12).  The rest should be considered a gift.  I was SUCH a jerk about things when I was a teenager.  We didn’t have a lot, but the necessities were covered.  I was provided a vintage car, for example, and when it didn’t start in the school parking lot, I was mortified and verbally abused my dad when he showed up to fix it.  In his work uniform.  Having just left a job he hated.  I could punch myself just thinking about it.

So.  If you have wealthy parents who shower you with everything you could ask for – say thank you.  And mean it.  If you have parents who are struggling and give you what they can – say thank you and absolutely mean it.  If you’ve never been given anything in your life and someone finally gives you something – accept it, say thank you, and be content.

Thank you

If you show gratitude, you’re more apt to get more.  Makes sense.  If you just keep taking without giving thanks, much less reciprocating, why would anyone want to endlessly keep heaping the goods or services onto you?  “Getting more” should not be the goal here.  But the circle of giving/getting will flow more smoothly if you say thank you for what you have received.

Here’s a side thought…….

Each person/family has their financial scenario.  Some people have millions upon millions of dollars.  That is their money that they earned/inherited/somehow possess.  They do not have to give you any of it.  They most likely (barring business/shared inheritance/special situations) do not owe you.  “They can spare it”, “It’s nothing to them”……these sayings are probably true and certainly offensive.  I don’t care if your billionaire uncle blows his nose in hundred dollar bills while you subsist on peanut butter sandwiches.  Hopefully he will share; but he doesn’t have to.  If you don’t ask for things and don’t expect things, then you will not be disappointed, but will be pleasantly surprised (and grateful!) if and when something comes your way.  Try to practice this mindset.  I know from conversations with wealthy people that they don’t like to be asked for things all the time or to be expected to bail you out.  It gets exhausting.  They often feel like they don’t have real friends or family that love them for who they are, but only what they can provide.  However, they will often help you if they see you struggling and if you are humble and trying to make your own way.  If and when they do this, SAY THANK YOU.  The best way I know of is to send a brief note on a card with a few words of appreciation.  It’s not difficult and it makes a difference.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” — Oprah Winfrey

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